Welcome in Egypt

General Living
  • Otlob.com will satisfy most of your cravings
  • High-end market chains are Seoudi’s, Metro, Carrefour, Alpha, Spinny’s
  • Low-end is just whatever is on your street corner
  • Peel, boil, or wash all fruits and vegetables in bleach water (you can use vinegar in place of bleach, just use more of it)
Things to do
Typical Taxi Prices and Information
  • Within Maadi (or within any neighbourhood) (3-5 LE)
  • Central Maadi to Citadel (20 LE)
  • Central Maadi to al-Azhar Park (20-25 LE)
  • Central Maadi to al-Azhar/the Khan (25 LE)
  • Central Maadi to Citystars (30-35 LE)
  • Central Maadi to Carrefour (15-20 LE)
  • Blue Cab has okay rates for day trips (car with driver); if you take a regular black-and-white cab for the day expect to pay around 30 LE per hour
  • White taxis are typically nicer; use them to figure out the fare and then use that price for black-and-white taxis (which are, unfortunately, more abundant and easier to catch)
Bookstores (English)
  • Diwan (Zamalek)
  • AUC Press (Downtown)
  • Dar el-Shorouq (Downtown)
  • Volume One (Maadi)
  • Kutub Khan (Maadi)
  • Bookspot (Maadi)
Bookstores (Arabic)
  • Dar el-Shorouq (Downtown)
  • el-Madbouli’s (Downtown)
  • al-Azhar (Islamic Cairo)
  • Kutub Khan (Maadi)
  • Volume One (Maadi)
If you have any questions, drop us a line!

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  1. Hi, my name is Debbie Nell, and I am the editor of Maadi Messenger, a free expat magazine in Cairo. Rene from La Sombra is having a promotional article in the magazine and I was wondering if I could use your collage of 5 pictures from your blog entry about the restaurant. Thanks so much for your consideration.

    Debbie Nell,
    Editor of Maadi Messenger magazine