Thursday, September 27, 2007

Fun times with my baby

Rachel has been a little social butterfly recently. Yesterday we went to playgroup and she got to hang out with 13 other children and 10 grownups, including me. Luckily we held playgroup at a house this week and not an apartment because a turnout that size wouldn't have fit in an apartment.

After coming home from playgroup, Esther and Robby came over for a play date. One day Rachel will actually play--for now she just enjoys staring at people. So, she sat and stared at Robby while Esther and I had pizza. It worked out well. I'm excited for when Rachel learns her name and responds to it, but I'm still enjoying her being little, although it can make taking pictures difficult. Perhaps if the camera were a cute baby boy Rachel would show more interest in posing for pictures.

Rachel checks out Robby instead of the camera
And just for kicks and giggles, here's Rachel enjoying Quanti Colori. She gets really quite excited about this book--this clip is reading 2.5 and three. She could read this book all day, until she decides she's hungry, that is. (Please don't mind my accent or the horribly choreographed page turns.)

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