About us

Hi! We’re the Heisses!

Andrew likes to wear shorts and Italian silk ties, though not usually at the same time. He is currently pursuing a PhD in Public Policy at Duke and is passionate about the Middle East. I think he’s smart, talented, and handsome.

I'm Nancy and am the main contributor to this blog. I studied linguistics at BYU and find language fascinating. I ran a marathon once and enjoy doing yoga, reading, writing, playing ukulele, and taking my kids to the park.

Rachel is in grade four this year. She loves playing soccer, Doctor Who, Star Trek, and the West Wing. Oh, and reading. So much reading.

Miriam is in grade two. She skipped from kindergarten to grade one last year. She loves reading, drawing, dancing, and soccer. She's our little social butterfly.

Benjamin is four. He's a bundle of energy. He loves story time, playing at the park, Daniel Tiger, trucks, and dinosaurs. He's enjoying being a big brother.

Zoë turned one this year. She enjoys throwing herself off perilous heights but has yet to break a bone (thank goodness). She loves making animal noises, which is cute, but we're hoping she'll start using actual words soon (and start screaming less).

A brief time-line of our lives:

2017: In progress...

2016: Nothing much.

2015: Zoë joins the clan. Miriam begins her schooling career.

2014: On the whole, a rather uneventful year.

2013: We went to Disney World! Other than that it was an uneventful year (which was nice, considering everything that happened in 2012).

2012: Andrew graduates from BYU with an MPA, he goes to Ghana (again). Benjamin couldn't wait to meet us so he came a little too soon. We move to North Carolina for Andrew to attend Duke—that's more school—for a PhD this time. Rachel starts kindergarten. It was a very eventful year for our family.

2011: Nancy runs her first marathon. Andrew travels to Ghana for a field study program.

2010: Andrew graduates from AUC with an MA in Middle East history. We return to BYU for Andrew to pursue an MPA. Rachel begins attending preschool.

2009: Miriam joins the clan.

2008: Andrew graduates from BYU. Later we move to Egypt on a whim for Andrew to attend AUC.

2007: Rachel is born.

2006: Study abroad in Amman, Jordan.

2005: I graduate from BYU. Andrew returns from his mission. We get married in the Mt. Timpanogos Temple. Honeymoon in Italy.

2004: I spend a semester teaching English in Voronezh, Russia, with ILP.

2003: I go to Europe for the first time for the Viola Congress. I graduate from UVSC and THS simultaneously. Andrew leaves for a two-year mission to Rome, Italy.

2002: Andrew graduates from THS, begins studies at BYU. I leave THS for UVSC.

2001: Andrew and I partner up in the THS Ballroom Dance Company. Andrew goes to Europe for the first time on band tour.

2000: My family moves to Utah. Andrew and I meet in Social Dance 1 at THS.

1999: Andrew breaks his arm during the August 11 tornado in SLC.

1998: Nothing exciting happened this year.

1997: I begin homeschooling because middle school is…ugh.

1996: Andrew starts playing the clarinet, as do I. A tornado goes by my house.

1995: My family moves to High River, Alberta.

1994: My family moves to Calgary, Alberta.

1993: Andrew’s family moves to Orem, Utah. I get baptized and confirmed a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

1992: Andrew gets baptized and confirmed a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

1991: Nothing exciting happened this year.

1990: My family moves to Port Coquitlam, BC. I start kindergarten at Leigh Elementary School in Coquitlam, BC.

1989: Andrew starts kindergarten at Parkwood Elementary School in Durham, North Carolina.

1988: My family moves to Burnaby, British Columbia. I break my arm.

1987: My family moves to California, later to Provo, Utah.

1986: Nothing exciting happened this year.

1985: Andrew’s family moves to Durham, North Carolina. I am born in Raymond, Alberta, Canada.

1984: Andrew is born in Provo, Utah.