Monday, May 19, 2008

1, 2, 3, 4! Tell me that you love me more!

For FHE we went on a walk to the park by our church and discussed what we learned in stake conference yesterday. A lot of the talks were, appropriately, about the atonement. In my mind all of the talks were since the ones that weren't overtly covering the atonement were talking about service and paying attention to individual needs.

The atonement is individual--the Savior knows each one of us and atoned for our sins, personally. We can see the effects of the atonement daily in our lives, with each small blessing and miracle that occurs. When we are baptized we take the name of Christ upon us, and so doing covenant to bear one another's burdens, mourn with those that mourn, and comfort those in need of comfort, among other things. When we do those things we are serving as Christ would serve and in so doing are able to help others feel the power of the atonement.

We told Rachel that she should also clap her hands and shout with joy that she'll be able to get baptized and make these covenants in just 7 short years. She was much more interested in the dogs that were running around the field, though, so we gave up talking to her and instead let her down to play.

With her occupied by innumeral blades of grass, and the dogs charging every so often to lick her feet, Andrew and I began our Arabic lesson for the day.

I can count to five, no problem. But when we get to 7, 8, and 9 I really struggle.

One of the exercizes we did was to count to 10 with a partner. Andrew was, of course, my partner. He's my partner for every exercize.

"واحد" Andrew started with '1.'

"اثنين" I responded with '2.'

Overconfident, and without thinking, he shot out his next number.

"أربعة؟" I asked him, hesitantly, wondering why he had said '4' instead of '3.' I am the student, afterall, so I thought perhaps I had learned the numbers in the wrong order.

He looked down at his hands and blushed. "ثلاثة" he corrected himself '3.'

"أربعة" I continued.

It always feels good to outsmart your teacher.

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