Thursday, May 30, 2013

Benjamin in the bath

Last night Benjamin had a bit of a reflux problem shortly after dinner and right before my ride to the primary presidency meeting was due to pick me up. Since he'd just eaten an entire bowl of oatmeal and applesauce he needed a little something more than the regular wipe-down so I threw him in the bathtub.

He had such a fun time exploring that I got to wondering when the last time was that I'd actually given him a bath and...I couldn't remember. Usually he just showers with either Andrew or me. He had so much fun in the bathtub, though, that I might start giving him baths more often.

Strategically placed water droplets for your convenience:

Don't you just love his farmer's tan?

He was smelling almost as sweet as a rose before my ride showed up (though Andrew did give him a bit of a touch up with the baby lotion (Benjamin still smelled a little sour around his neck, in Andrew's opinion)).

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