Saturday, November 06, 2021

A Baby...Monsoon

You've heard of baby showers, I'm sure—a little party to welcome a new life into the world and equip new parents with all the stuff a baby requires (or that society thinks a baby requires). Well, by the time you're expecting your sixth baby people tend to assume you have all that baby stuff, which I'm sure is often the case...

Unless you happened to have moved across the country and the child you thought was your caboose is well past babyhood. Then you've been offloading baby stuff for years, so when you find out you're expecting again you kind of panic realizing you've got...nothing (or, at least, very little).

Lucky for me—and parents everywhere—there are usually other parents who are offloading baby stuff when they think they've reached the end of their baby-rearing years. 

And that's how you get a baby monsoon. 

My cousin Dylan came by this afternoon with her car overflowing with baby paraphernalia!

Benjamin and Griffin had a great time playing together in their matching Minecraft sweaters while Alexander trailed behind them. The girls had a great (and exhausting) time chasing baby Lola around the house (that sweet thing is a handful!). And the grown ups had a nice visit in the music room, surrounded by baby stuff. 

We're pretty well outfitted now! We've got tummy time mats and an exersaucer and a pack'n'play, a couple bags of clothes, several packs of newborn diapers, so many toys...

At dinner the girls asked if all toddlers are like Lola. She's very busy. 

"Not all toddlers," I said. "But some."

Rachel was like Lola—so busy and active that by the time docile Miriam came along I worriedly asked the doctor whether she might be developmentally delayed. She wasn't. At all. She met her milestones perfectly.

Rachel was just...a very busy baby who ate milestones for breakfast.

We're hoping for another docile one this time around.

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