Thursday, May 04, 2023

Phoebe: Potty + mouth updates

Phoebe has been reaching some milestones. I believe I already documented that she has eight teeth now. Given that she's just about 18 months old, that's not a huge accomplishment. However, in the past couple of weeks she has been working hard, hard, hard on cutting her one-year molars. The top pair are about half-way through and the bottom pair are getting ready to erupt any day now. 

She has been somewhat chompy, and even left a few bruises on me from some well-placed chomps. 

Fortunately, she's figured out that Mommy does not like to be bitten (and she's typically a sweet and loving baby who doesn't want to hurt her mommy) so I've had fewer chomp marks on my arms and legs. 


I also went ahead and ordered a potty for Phoebe because although I did not practice elimination communication with her (as I did for the majority of her siblings; sorry, Phoebe, Mommy was just too busy with grad school to become attuned to your potty needs as an infant and you survived in diapers just fine), there have been times when I've wished she would just...go on the potty. 

Changing diapers is the worst, so if you can avoid that by using the potty, I say do it!

She had begun waking up from her naps dry, so when she got up, I would try sitting her on the big potty, just to see if she'd go. But she hated it. 

And I get that. Big potties are scary.

So I ordered a little potty for her—miffed that baby bjorn potties just aren't what they used to be (they're all two pieces now and I just wanted a single-piece potty like I had when Rachel was a baby, and which I just got rid of after we finished potty-training Alexander, but no one seems to make single-piece potties anymore so I just bought a cheap-o two-piece potty and it's been fine)—it arrived last Friday.

She loves it!

She has been going potty after her nap and first thing in the morning, as well as whenever she asks for it during the day. I let her watch some "Bluey" segments to keep her still long enough to pee the first time she was on the potty and now she expects it, so will sit on the potty and then look around until I offer her my phone or iPad cued up to "Bluey." 

And I don't even care that she only pees in exchange for a two-minute clip of "Bluey." 

It's worth it. 

Now, Phoebe has always been a very heavy wetter overnight. She likes to nurse a lot at night and so also pees a lot at night, frequently wetting through her diaper or—if I'm lucid enough (and she's cooperative enough) during one of her wakings—requiring a mid-night change. 

This morning, however, she woke up dry! 

I was shocked (so shocked I asked Andrew whether he had given her a change at some point in the night, to which he responded, "Uhhh..." because he sleeps so deeply that this was truly an absurd question for me to ask him).

Anyway, I asked her if she wanted to go potty. 

"Yup," she said, then willingly sat, waited patiently until I found my phone and turned on "Bluey" and then peed a great pee. 

We're talking Niagara Falls, people!

I don't think she'll be fully potty trained for a while, and that's okay—I tend to be a long-game potty trainer rather than a weekend potty trainer—because I'm just happy she's learning to control her body (and is thus having fewer dirty diapers).

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