Tuesday, June 11, 2024

Three videos of Phoebe

Here is Phoebe singing "Baa, Baa, Black Sheep":

I love that she always says "have you any wolf" instead of "have you any wool" 100% of the time. I also like how she lost track of all the deliveries the second time she sang the song. "Yes, sir! Yes, sir! One bag full. One for my master and..." then she pauses to think about it and realizes there's supposed to be three bags, not one, which means her "name" must be the recipient of two bags, but then what of the little boy who lives down the...what's the word again? Lane.

She caught a firefly last night and was very excited about it.

Andrew: Be soft with it.
Phoebe: *squeals*
Phoebe: It can...*drops it, screams* moving! Me drop it on ground! See? It looks cute on ground. Oh, hey! *kiss sounds* Me not want to kiss it! 
Andrew: Why not?
Me: Can you pick it up?
Phoebe: It's so yucky kiss.
Me: It's already kissed?
Phoebe: It's so yucky kiss.
Me: Can you pick it up?
Phoebe: It's so yucky kiss. Can you turn? Yeah, you can turn. Watch!
Me: Be gentle.
Phoebe: Me trying to flip it! It's still on his head. 
Andrew: You're trying to flip it?
Phoebe: It still is on its head.
Me: Mmmm...
Phoebe: Going to flip you. Me just flipped it! Ahh! It just flashed. Me picked it up and it flashed.

Now, this part is incredible to me because I misheard her. I wasn't sure what she had been saying and thought perhaps she was telling us that she picked it up on our walk. That's what I say next ( not the incredible part...that's perhaps I jumped the gun a bit in telling you that this was the incredible part).

Me: You picked it up on the walk?

Okay, now this part is incredible because Phoebe realized that she would have to rephrase things in order to get her (dense) parents to understand.

Phoebe: Me just trying to pick you up! It just blinked!

She switched out "flashed" for "blinked" and blinked her eyes for good measure (like just in case we still didn't understand her and needed another hint about what she meant).

Phoebe: Dad! It just blinked! 
Andrew: Uh-huh.
Phoebe: Hey! Me picked it up! You so cute! Can me bring this in my bed?
Andrew: No.
Phoebe (pulling out the biggest puppy dog eyes in the world): Why?
Andrew: It doesn't go in your bed.
Phoebe: Oh, hee, hey cute little firefly. You not...look at...*indiscernible* You get a jar for me put this in? You get me jar—a jar—put this in?
Andrew: You need to find a jar.
Phoebe: Yes. Me can't find a jar outside. It can move! Watch! Hey! It''s... Where are you going? On mine arm? Ahh! Ahh! It just...falled. *indiscernible* It crawling! It's crawling, Dad! *screams* It's crawling, Mom—Mommy and Dad! 
Andrew/me: It's crawling.
Phoebe: It's crawling to DJ.

That is the name of our (Roborock) vacuum cleaner. Dwayne The Roborock Johnson is its full name. DJ for short. Phoebe is terrified of DJ...and all other vacuums. 

Andrew: Is it going to DJ?
Phoebe: Do not go get vacuumed up!! Do not get vacuumed up. Ooooh! You're cute! It's cute! Watch! *giggles* MOVE! Oooh-hooo! Hey!
Me: Be gentle!
Phoebe: Me going to pick this up, on yours...
Andrew: I don't want it.
Phoebe: It's not little! It big!
Andrew: Yeah. I don't want it though.
Phoebe: It not gross!
Andrew: We should put it on the porch.
Phoebe: No! It's so dark!
Andrew: has light.
Phoebe: No. Ahhh! It just falled on mine shoe! Phew! *twirls* Mom, you want to hold it?
Me: Sure.

In case you're wondering, she and I went to find a container (a crib!) to put the firefly in, which she did end up taking to bed with her.

And here's Phoebe at the pool today. She can actually do a decent front float/glide when she wants to, but today she was focused on jumping off the stairs into the deeper water. Before jumping in she was yelling, "Take yours mark! Beep!"

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