Sunday, February 19, 2023

Two years of daffodils

Around this time last year (February 23, 2022, to be precise) we took one of our very first Grandpa Walks and stopped to admire the daffodils along the way. Here's Phoebe from then:

And here she is today, completely dwarfing those daffodils (and looking rather grown up):

She's fifteen months old now (three months in the top photo) and is a going concern! She loves to walk—forwards and backwards (especially backwards)—and run and spin in circles. She very interested in jumping (but can't yet). She likes to climb things; we can't keep her off the couches, the tables, the stairs. Her singular mission in life is to exploit any weakness in our supervision—she goes around checking baby gates to make sure they're locked (because if the retractable one at the bottom of the stairs is not locked, she knows she can worm her way through). Her true joy, however, lies in emptying drawers of their contents (my bathroom counter now holds everything that the drawers used to and she routinely empties dresser drawers). 

The kids like to sing "The Books of New Testament"; their favourite part is growl-yelling "JOHN, JOHN, JOHN!"

Today Phoebe growled "John, John, John!" after the kids sang it, which was pretty cute.

She also says "mom" and "dad" (as well as "mama" and "dada"), Rachel (Acha), cheese, shoes, cat, this, that, hi, bye, and toes (that was a new one from this morning as well). 

She can sign water, apple, all done, more, and milk. 

She hates brushing her teeth. But he loves putting things into her mouth. 

She loves putting on shoes. But she hates having things on her feet.

Figuring out why she's angry at any given moment is a real challenge. She's been angry a lot lately—she's teething, I'm sure is contributing, but she also wants to communicate but can't.

She's getting better at reading books and will sit through short stories now. She insists on holding her own copy of the scriptures when we have our family scripture study (she ripped out a page from Benjamin's set, which was devastating for him). 

She loves playing outside and is getting better at not putting random stuff in her mouth (though she still frequently puts random stuff in her mouth). She loves swinging and sliding, jumping on the trampoline, and even being tossed in the air (so much less timid than she was a year ago when we couldn't even walk down the stairs without her panicking). 

She loves to give hugs and kisses to everyone in the family, including the cat. 

Cat is her word for "animal" and she will screech it while watching squirrels play outside, every time we see a dog, and even to refer to the gigantic buffalo statue that was in the parking lot of the doctor's office for some reason.

She still doesn't sleep well, but is starting to be a little more rational about things so we're hoping we can convince her that bedtime is a good thing in the near future. She used to wake up screaming all the time, just so mad that we let her fall asleep again (when she expressly asked us to keep her awake). But she's doing that less often now and will quietly pad her way to our room...and then...well, we're working on the going back to sleep part. 

Andrew and I are so tired it's not even funny, but this stage will pass, I'm sure.

Her favourite food is...everything (unless it's spicy).

I took her to the doctor on Thursday. She screamed about everything but was given a clean bill of health. She's 22 lbs. 14.2 oz and 30.75 inches tall. She's just growing and learning and doing just fine! 

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