Thursday, October 12, 2023

A wee hike

We had planned to go hiking this week, but instead we're just hanging around at home while our house is being prettied up. Today our contractor worked on the roof because rain had been leaking through the roof, running down the walls, and pooling inside the walls downstairs. 

Our roof was disclosed as "new within 5 years" in our paperwork, but apparently the previous owners just slapped new shingles on top of the old shingles. The old shingles were already old and tired in this particular "valley" of our roof and the new shingles were (according to our contractor) installed poorly—they bent them rather than overlapping them at an angle...or something...which compromised their integrity from the get-go. So, anyway, the new shingles soon cracked, the old shingles were cracked and no one thought to put any flashing down in this corner, so the wood was all rotting away. 

But! It's fixed now, so all the rain water we're getting tonight (and we're getting plenty) should be running off the roof instead of inside our house. 

Tomorrow they're fixing some of our siding that is rotting (in this corner where all the rainwater was leaking through our house instead of...not) and they'll be putting up drywall soon. And then we can paint and get new carpet and stick the girls back in there. 

And then we can go hiking. 

Today I just took the kids to the park and we did a very little walk there. Rachel's taking geology this semester and she's supposed to go out and identify rocks. This week she's supposed to be looking for sedimentary rocks. I'm not sure we found any...but maybe we'll be able to sneak away for a hike this weekend. 

Here are the kids all balancing on a log for me:

I had the little kids wear their boots because...they wore them outside on a muddy adventure a while ago and got them all muddy and then left them on the front porch. I figured this would be a good way to knock off the old mud and get them back inside the house.

I also thought I would be in a more adventurous mood than I was...but Phoebe and Alexander were making me nervous around the (cold and rushing) water, so we soon ushered the kids away from the creek and river and played at the park instead.

It was nice to escape for the afternoon, even if only for a very short walk in our urban woods. Hopefully we can do a fuller hike soon!

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  1. Your house is very selfish! It wants ALL the money and attention!