Tuesday, February 13, 2024

Good news!

In our house, a proclamation of "good news" is most often followed up with one of either two things:

1) "I saw a dog today!" from the movie Elf


2) "She's dead!" as vigorously belted out in the musical Wicked

Today's good news probably falls more closely under the second kind of good news, because yesterday Benjamin tested negative for COVID and this morning I also tested negative! That means Alexander is the only wild card in the house, but if he follows the trajectory that Zoë took, he should be negative soon. We might test him later today, just to see if we've vanquished this foe.

And then we can do a bunch of laundry and airing of grievances the house and get everyone settled back into a COVID-free schedule.


We just tested Alexander. He's negative. All the windows in the house are open and we are going to be doing laundry like it's going out of style! The kids threw off their masks, turned on music, and are having a veritable hoedown in the music room (like, literally...they turned on the "barnyard" tune on the electric piano and, yup, i'ts a hoedown (now they've got some harpsichord thing going on)). Party time!

We did much better at containing spread this time around—only 75% of the family got it, rather than 100%. And no one went to the hospital. And I didn't test positive for two full weeks. So things were much better for us than last time. Here we are, two weeks later and it seems to have run its course!

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