Thursday, May 30, 2024

Edisto Island, Day 2

After coming back from Charleston, we took the kids to the beach. Because we're here on this beautiful blue planet. And because Phoebe chanted "Me wanna go beach!" for half the ride home. 

It's one of those "keep the Sabbath Day holy" things that's kind of difficult to peg. In Andrew's family growing up, swimming on Sunday would definitely be a no-no. But in my wasn't, as far as I can recall. 

Sometimes we had swim meets on Sundays...and sometimes we went to them. 

And I'm 100% certain that if we had a beach available to us on a Sunday my mom for sure would expect us to get "a little bit wet," which in our family means "all the way wet."

But part of that might be because we didn't always have a beach at our disposal. If we lived on the beach, it might be another story. But we've never lived on the beach, so you visit when you can. 

Because if anything can teach you about might and majesty and the unfathomable nature of God's creation, it's standing on the shore looking out to the point where the water and sky divide while waves come crashing and roaring at your feet.

Grandpa and Darla chose to stay in and make dinner, which was also a fine choice. We were hungry anyway.

Here's Zoë running to tell me that they'd found a jellyfish.

And here they are bringing it to who me:

It was a cannonball jellyfish. I don't know how to tell whether a jellyfish is alive or dead (it does not have a brain or a heart or bones or...), so we returned this one to the ocean just to be in the clear, morally speaking. 

Here's Phoebe looking at the jellyfish and doing such a good job of not touching it (though she really wanted to, she also understands about stings so heeded our warning rather than risk getting hurt...this time). Cannonball jellyfish don't sting, per se, but apparently they release toxins in their mucous that can cause problems with one's heart. touching. 

Here are the kids once again running about in the waves:

Phoebe loves the ocean so much! She's all giggles all the time out there!

Here we are back at the beach house, waiting for dinner.

Benjamin found a couple of conch shells and the kids took turns listening to the ocean sound through the shell...even though the ocean is directly behind them.

After dinner we headed back to the beach so Darla could teach us how to play Fruit Basket, though the little kids also got in the water again (of course).

Here's a picture of me in the water, trying to keep Phoebe from swimming off to Morocco (which seems to be her ultimate goal here):

And here are the non-swimmers talking a bit before we pulled the kids out of the water to play land games.

And here's just a cute picture of Grandpa and Darla together:

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