Monday, May 13, 2024

Mother's Day

This Mother's Day the kids let me stay in bed while they made me breakfast. Andrew was also staying in bed because he took the middle-of-the-night Phoebe shift and fell asleep in her bed. 

Zoë made the egg for me (though she thinks she may have cooked one side too long because she left it on the stove unattended while she worked on my picture and heard it "popping and whistling" in the pan, but it was delicious so I'm sure it was just fine). Alexander washed the tomatoes and filled my cup with water. Phoebe got the ice.

Second course was a bowl of puffed wheat with Phoebe, who kept giving me individual puffs from her bowl, insisting that I needed "just more one" (or something like that).

Zoë and Alexander happily rehearsed the musical number I'd planned for the primary children to sing at church so that I could practice conducting (and juggling visuals and things). And the primary children ended up singing just wonderfully (though I still haven't quite figured out where to sit so our pianist can see me and where I'm not blocking the children). Singing time went well. 

After practicing a song we'd learned earlier, I divided the song "I Will Be Valiant" into three parts (two lines here, two lines there) and then set up three areas of the primary room (I brought sheets from home—in red, yellow, and blue—and tacked them up in different areas) and then sorted the kids into those three areas and gave them three minutes to learn their parts of the songs. They did a great job! They read the lines to each other and made others repeat them. They covered lines and tried to fill in the blanks. They asked what words meant and how to say them. 

And then at the end of three minutes they sang their little hearts out, trying to out-sing the other groups. 

After church I took a nap and a walk with my girls. Andrew made dinner (spicy cashew chicken...light on the cashews because if I have too many they make me sick...but I love cashew chicken, so there's that). We had dinner and then enjoyed some homemade ice cream (courtesy of Rachel).

Phoebe got her ice cream cone first and spent the next several minutes asking me, "Will there be ice peam for yooooooou?" (between telling me how yummy it was) as Andrew gave out ice cream to each of the kids in turn. My turn finally came, though!

And it was yummy.

I'm so grateful for each one of these little people; it's a joy to do life with them.

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