Tuesday, May 07, 2024

More wedding pictures

Because I need to put these pictures somewhere other than my phone, here are a few pictures from Grandpa and Darla's wedding...

Here's a sweet shot of Zoë and Darla walking back inside the church together after family pictures:

And here's Miriam at the organ:

Here's Darla walking down the aisle with all the little flower girls (Phoebe was being shy and hiding behind her big sisters the whole time, so there aren't really any pictures of her and that's...on her):

And here we all are sitting during the services:

Here are Grandpa and Darla exchanging rings with their little ring bearers (Brooks and Benjamin):

And here are a few pictures from the after party:

Here I am dancing with Zoë:

And, guys, I'm not even sure what is happening here, but if I told you that I was married to the most hilarious person on the planet, would you believe me? Andrew must have said something awfully funny.

For more pictures and things, you can check out the post about their wedding.

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