Monday, June 17, 2024

Hermit crabs for FHE

Benjamin and I haven't gone running in quite a while. Swim team, as it seems, takes up a lot of time! We're planning on hopping into things again soon, but in the meantime, I thought it was probably about time we made good on that hermit crab that he technically earned...on March 20. We put off the purchase until the end of the semester and then after the beach trip and then...tonight we finally went and did it!

We took the kids to the pet store for family night and this turned out being a very exciting field trip. Several of the kids hadn't ever stepped foot in a pet store before (my bad). Phoebe was the most excited at all. She wanted to see everything.

She posed in front of these guinea pigs and said, "Take picture me wooting at these things!"

So I took some pictures of her looking. She looked at a lot of things and soaked all kinds of information in.

When we were loading everyone up in the van after getting our hermit crab things, Phoebe announced that she needed to go potty before we drove anywhere. We always appreciate it when she tells us these kinds of things when we're at a place (rather than when we're between places). I took her back into the pet store so we could find the restroom. I wasn't sure where it would be located and didn't see it at the front of the store, so we started heading to the back. 

"Woot at that so-cute guinea pid!" she said. "See that parakeet?"

There was no restroom at the back, so we turned around and walked—past hamsters and geckos—back to the front of the store...and found the restroom. Phoebe was not sad to have taken that second tour of the store! 

As for Benjamin, he walked away with a single hermit crab, which wasn't ideal (because hermit crabs are actually rather social creatures), but it was a start. We headed to a sister store to see whether they had hermit crabs, but they didn't, so we're stuck with one for now. We'll check back in later in the week to see if we can get a little hermit crab friend.

Here are Benjamin, Zoë, and Miriam putting together the habitat.

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