Friday, July 31, 2015

Ice juice

Benjamin was right behind me as I headed out to meet the school bus this afternoon. I went down the front steps and he tripped after me, literally. I had just reached the sidewalk when I heard him cry, "Uh-oh! Mom!"

I turned to look at him and he was sprawled, face down, on the (brick) steps.

"Oh, Benji!" I cried, setting him upright. "What a mess! Let's get you taken care of—quick, before the bus comes!"

I tried to put Zoë down but she's feverish and cranky (she had her shots yesterday) and her screaming was stressing me out as much as Benjamin's blood so I held her while I cleaned him off. We headed out to meet the bus together with Benjamin holding a cold cloth to his forehead.

Once we were back inside I snapped this picture to send to Andrew:

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Zoë at 2 months and Benjamin at 3 years

This morning I took Benjamin and Zoë to story time at the library. We were about five minutes late but it was supposed to run for about half an hour so I wasn't too worried...until it ended five minutes after we got there. Wait. What?!

Yes, we arrived in the middle of the one and only story and then we sang a few songs (accompanied by a CD), grabbed a sticker, and adios! 

Story time can be a little hit-or-miss at our library. Sometimes it's wonderful and engaging other times...not. Today was definitely a not day.

We went home for lunch and then got ready to go to the doctor for well child check ups. Benjamin was terrified he'd have to get a shot, but he didn't. Zoë, however, did and it was the worst thing that has ever happened to her (and she's been telling us all about it every waking moment since they jabbed her with those needles; the girl can yell).

Benjamin is now a whopping 28 lb.! He's way on the chart, coming in at the 11th percentile ('atta boy, Benji). He's 90.1 cm (or 2 feet 11.47 inches) tall, which—yippee!—puts him at the 5th percentile for height. I think this is the first time he's ever been on the height chart at all (I thought he'd been growing) so we're all pleased as punch over here.

Zoë is growing so well that Benjamin probably needs to step up his game a bit.

She's already 12 lb. 4.5 oz. (67th percentile) and is 23.11 inches (70th percentile).

Having had a baby who struggled to put on every single ounce, I'm happy to have a nice plump baby again (she's about on par with Miriam at this age so she's not unusually chubby for a baby of mine; it just seems like she's huge because at two months Benjamin was barely breaking in his newborn outfits (Zoë gave those up weeks ago)).

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Splish! Splash!

Between the sodden branches of our crape myrtle tree, Zoë and I spied on the kids as they danced through the raindrops and splashed in the gutter. I don't know what they were playing or saying, but it sure looked like fun.

Happy Birthday, Rachel! (July 20)

Eight days ago Rachel had her eighth birthday. It was also the first day of school, if you recall, and we were busy getting ready for her baptism, which was the following day, so we were a bit busy. Hopefully she'll forgive me for writing about her birthday a week late. Oh, and for not planning her birthday party yet (it's coming, Rachel, I promise—I just need some time to breathe after all the chaos of the summer (good chaos but chaos nonetheless)).

Here she is, fresh out of bed and freshly eight-years-old, on the first day of school:

The Blessing Gown

This afternoon Benjamin and I dressed Zoë up in her blessing gown and headed outside to take some pictures because, though we took a million pictures of everyone and everything else, we neglected to get any of just her on her blessing day. She's such a beautiful baby.

Here she is with her "I'm ignoring you" face on:

Monday, July 27, 2015

School schedule

I woke up this morning (to little Miss Zoë's gruntings and groanings) and looked at the clock; it was 7:47 and the house was completely silent. Naturally, that threw me into a completely tizzy. The girls' bus comes at 8:00!

"Andrew!" I said, poking him a million times. "We've got to get up!"

So we did, but the girls completely missed their bus. Andrew drove them to school because he's a nice daddy.

It's still a little strange to have just Benjamin and Zoë at home. It would feel quiet except that Benjamin talks all the time. Today I did some homeschool preschool with him just to keep him quiet and focused while Zoë napped (ie. so that she could nap).

"Let's do something that's not flipping off the arm of the couch during rest time, okay, buddy?"

The things I find myself saying...

His activity was lining up the numbers 1 to 9 in six different colours. It was a lot of work for him to find all those numbers and put them in order. When he was finished he built a tower with the leftover tiles.

Last Utah post (July 16 and 17)

This post will bring me up—if not up to the present time—to the present state. And it will be short, sweet, and to the point. I said goodbye to my lovely family...

Aquarium (July 15)

After staying up late with a hopping mad Zoë baby, we had a quiet, lazy morning at home before heading off to the aquarium, one of my mom's favourite places to visit. She loves the ocean—not going in it, necessarily, but simply being by it. That's something nearly incomprehensible to some people, like my sister Josie and my daughter Rachel (and, probably me, too), who have a hard time being near the ocean and not going in (even if it's the coldest month of the year).

And I have to say that visiting an aquarium in the middle of a desert was pretty cool.

Here's Zoë riding on the back of an orca, such a lucky baby:

And here are a few of the things we saw...

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Pysanky (July 14)

Tuesday was a pretty quiet day. My niece and nephews stopped by in the afternoon for a little visit, which was nice. I hadn't gotten to talk with Andrew (my nephew) very much yet, so I was glad he came along. I can't believe how cool they all are—they're just such great people!

Here's a "selfie" I took using the big mirror in my mom's basement:

Dad, me, and Mom in the mirror
Rosie (holding Zoë), Matthew, and Andrew on the couch

Swimming with four kids

The kids have been begging to go to the pool and so after the girls got home from school I took them.

I didn't have any excuse not to. We've been quite open with the girls about how babies are born (and the recovery time involved) so they knew I wouldn't be getting in the pool for at least six weeks. While we were talking with some people at the Anderson reunion, Miriam came up and said, "How old is Zoë now?"

"She's seven weeks old," I said, thinking someone had asked her and she wanted to relay that information, but no. Her response took me (and everyone we were talking with) completely by surprise.

"Oh, good!" she said, pumping her fist in the air. "That means your bum's stopped bleeding and you can take us swimming again!"

That was a conversation stopper, that's for sure!

Now Zoë's a full two months old and I still hadn't taken the kids swimming and I really was out of excuses (the kids don't think "four kids" is an excuse) so I took them. For the most part it really wasn't too crazy. The girls have turned into fine swimmers; that isn't to say I would leave them in a pool completely unattended but Rachel can swim across the pool just fine and Miriam can dive to the bottom and float on her back for a million years. They're both little fish these days.

Benjamin does alright if he's wearing his puddle jumper. And I put Zoë in a front carrier.

Playing in the big pool was fine but eventually Benjamin wanted to go to the baby pool so we all went into the baby pool and I took the opportunity to get Zoë out of the baby carrier (because after a while my back starts aching; she's getting to be quite hefty). Rachel held her in the baby pool for a bit.