Wednesday, September 13, 2006

A non-ridge Stake?!?! In Orem!?!

Well, Andrew and I attended our old ward (the Lakeridge 12th ward) on September 3rd. We had previously found out that our Stake was being reorganized so our first Sunday was essentially our last Sunday. It was fun to see all of our old friends though!

This Sunday we had a multi-stake conference (regional? I'm not sure) in the morning. It was very good. President Monson spoke--he was hilariously inspiring, as always. In the afternoon we met again to hear our new ward boundaries. So, here's the news:

Our stake was renamed. We are now the "Stonewood Stake." This is the first non-ridge stake that I've been in while in Orem (I was in Northridge, and then was in Lakeridge). There are a lot of -ridge stakes...Heathridge, Northridge, Lakeridge, Lakeridge North...okay, so technically that is all but now Lakeridge is gone and Lakeridge North has taken its place. But now we're in the Stonewood Stake so all confusion is gone.

Our ward is all of our complex plus two other complexes (one south and one north of us). This comes as a slight disappointment since Andrew and I both really enjoy living in a regular family ward (because that is ever so much more normal than a student ward of any shape and form) but we're also looking forward to it since we'll have greater opportunity to serve.

In our old ward, the "condos" were viewed quite transiently, so very few people in the condos got real leadership positions. For example, Andrew was the permanent substitute Sunday school teacher and played the organ once a month. I made the ward bulletin and conducted the music in sacrament twice a month. Not that I didn't enjoy myself or grow in the way I was called to's just that sometimes it is nice to say that you teach the 12-year-olds, or that you are the music coordinator, instead of saying that you are a permanent substitute or occassionally conduct the music in sacrament meeting. Plus, I guess it is still a regular family ward in a regular stake.

So, in our new ward, everyone is viewed as transient and a lot of changes are going to be happening all the time. It should be interesting. We're looking forward to attending on Sunday.

Of course, we're only going for sacrament meeting on Sunday since it's Grandpa Frank and Grandma Sharon's "last talk before they leave on their mission" day. And then the Sunday after that we'll be driving home from Canada (Heather is getting married on the 22nd)! So, once we actually go to our own ward, I'm sure we'll feel just comfortable in it.

And another interesting point in our stake. We have two branches. In Orem. Yup, that's right folks. 2 branches. So, for those of you "out in the mission field" these Oremites can now relate with you. We've been told that amazing things will happen with these two branches. So, I suppose missionary work is one. We're also challenged to make the people who live here as short-term residents feel the blessings of the priesthood in their lives. Who'd have thought...a branch in Orem...

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