Thursday, September 07, 2006

Our First Car

Andrew and I have done a lot of figuring things out these last two weeks. We had to get health insurance and figure out the whole car insurance thing. Ugh. It's been good though...we've learned a lot and are finally insured people! Andrew was running around all day getting our car all registered and inspected and purchased (his mom helped, too). So, we finally have our very own car!

We also had a nice blessing come into our lives! Andrew went back to the library to see if maybe, just maybe, he could have his old job back in addition to teaching Arabic. They were over-joyed that he came back because someone had just cut their hours in half, and Andrew only needed 7 hours to be working 20 hours a week, so it worked out perfectly. We're excited because that means, not only that he'll be earning more but, that he will have guaranteed employment next semester and beyond...something teaching Arabic does not guarantee. Plus, his supervisors can stop calling him a traitor now.

Work is going well. I gave my first (and only) "lecture" for the year today. I'm the coordinator for InBio 691R so I took the first day to orientate our graduate students to all the department changes, which have been many and close between. The rest of the class periods are taken up by guest lecturers so all I have to do is attendance and organize weekly luncheons.

Andrew is still enjoying teaching. He marked his first quiz yesterday I think it gave him a bit of surge. What, being in charge of assigning grades and all. Not that it matters since most of the students got 100%--it was only a test on the syllabus.


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