Wednesday, March 26, 2008

In which Andrew almost has a heart attack

I've been spending a lot of time researching details about our move to Cairo. There is a lot that we need to do and even though we kind of know what to expect because we've lived in the Middle East before, Rachel presents a new dimension to the equation.

We've been looking at portable beds for her and haven't found many that we've been very happy with. Pack 'n' Plays are much too bulky--if we got one it would take up a whole suitcase worth of our luggage allowance. Then we were looking at these little PeaPod things but I'm not sure that Rachel would enjoy sleeping in one--it's much too cramped for her, I think.

Today I decided that since we'll be living there for two years it's probably something we can just worry about when we get there. Egyptians have children, so I'm sure we'll figure out some sort of sleeping arrangement for Rachel. Until then she can sleep in our bed or in one of the big suitcases or on the floor or something.

I decided to inform Andrew of my decision so that we could both stop worrying about it. It's late though and I'm having trouble coming up with words. That always happens after 10 PM.

"I don't even know if we have to bring Rachel..." I paused trying to think of what it was we didn't have to bring for her.

Andrew sat on the couch, his mouth agape, his eyes blinking.

"...A bed." I finished.

Andrew let out a huge sigh of relief, "Ohhhhh!"

"What?" I asked, puzzled by his response. I was worried he was thinking that I was worrying too much about everything, which is probably true, but it wasn't what he was thinking.

"You paused way too long after you said Rachel."

No, no, no! We have to bring the baby! We just don't have to bring her a bed!


  1. That's hilarious! Boarding school at such a young age... Well, she is practically potty trained already, so maybe it would work! :)

  2. nancy, we had the same dilemma when we moved to DC. And we decided we would just worry about it there as well. We lucked out and a lady from the ward had a baby bed that we could borrow while we were there. Her kids were already to big. I think it is always good to remember that they have kids in those countries too.

  3. I'm in Florida right now, which I don't remember ever visiting before. I was remarking this to my mother last night and said "And now I'm in a state that I've never been in, which is cool."

    "You've been there before."

    "Was this the big road trip we had when I was 6 months?"

    "3 months. You slept in the dresser drawer, which we put on top of the dresser."

    I survived. I suppose a big suitcase would work too. :)

  4. I've been here, expect I'm only trying to plan for 2 months, so a pack and play is kind of the option. If you are in need of luggage I found a great site with inexpensive, big but within checked baggage guidelines duffle bags. Our Graco pack and play even fits inside one with room to spare... anyway, incase you're interested its We even got a buy 2 get one free deal at the time. Anyway, good luck planning for your adventure!