Monday, March 24, 2008

FHE Playtime!

Rachel was an extra-busy baby today. I got very little accomplished because although Rachel took three naps they were only about ten minutes a piece. She was very demanding in between naps wanting to eat, eat, eat and play, play, play and heaven forbid I should do the dishes or make lunch for myself.

By the time Andrew got home I was exhausted. I made dinner and we sat down to eat and Rachel was still hyper. I took her to the little park by our house but they were painting it so the only thing we could do was swing, but there were quite a few children there who wanted turns so we just came home.

We had a family home evening lesson and she was hyper all through that, whining because we wouldn't join her. She kept whining and getting into things after FHE and I just watched her, too exhausted to move.

Finally Andrew got up and retrieved her car seat.

"We've got to go to a park or something," he announced upon my questioning, "Are you okay? You look like you're going to cry."

I must have been incredibly grateful to have him volunteer to take us to the park. I was so tired and Rachel had already used up all of my energy for the day and I just didn't know how I was going to entertain such an energetic baby until bedtime, which was still two hours away.

So, ignoring the two books Andrew is working on laying out, 100 pages each; and the two papers he has due, one 10 pages and one 5 pages; and the website he needs to have finished soon; we got in the car and drove to a cute park that I had seen while Rachel and I were out walking. It took us a couple of tries to find it because it's tucked away between some houses. The entrance to the parking lot looks like it should be a driveway. We had to turn around twice before we actually found our way in!

The park is really pretty neat. It had some super tall slides and plenty of swings. There were four families there while we were there and we all had plenty to do. We're planning on going back frequently during the summer and hope that we can find something similar in Egypt to wear Rachel out come bedtime.


  1. What a good mommy...going on the slides. I don't think I would fit down the slide!

  2. Looks like you got a tiny bit of energy back from playing, too! Yay!

  3. Nancy that's funny - we had a similar experience tonight! Rob got home and I was "done." We went out to grab some dinner and then to the park. It's just hard to entertain before bedtime when they have tons of energy and you have none! :)