Friday, October 22, 2010


Today at 4:05 PM I was playing in the backyard with the girls, singing about wanting a life of adventure in the great, wide somewhere and pretending to borrow books where fair maidens meet their prince charming but don't discover that it's him until chapter three. We're a little obsessed with Beauty and the Beast right now and by "we" I mean "Rachel." I was mostly waiting for Daddy to come home so that the girls could get really excited to see him thereby giving me a few minutes of don't-touch-mommy time. I was also singing because how are you supposed to pretend to run to the top of a hill and twirl around with a basket (in this case a plastic bucket) without your theme song playing? I don't know, either, so I sang so that Rachel Belle could play her part.

At 5:07 PM I came inside to check what time it was. I had to rescue Miriam from tumbling down the porch stairs which meant I was close to the door to come inside, anyway, otherwise I wouldn't have made it near the house. Rachel had me sequestered in a far-off corner of the yard and didn't want me to move from that spot unless it was on her orders. Or if the baby was about to fall to her death.

While I was inside I walked into the office and my monitor was flashing a message at me. It was from Andrew. I stopped to read it. It didn't take very long. It said:
Andrew Heiss has logged on.
4:05 PM Eeek!
Andrew Heiss has logged off.
I went back outside. What else was there to do? He had logged off.

At 5:36 I came inside to check the time again and decided I should probably make some dinner (only to remember after I was halfway through cooking that there was a Relief Society activity this evening and they were serving dinner--doh!). Rachel threw a beautiful fit when I told her I was going to stay inside to make dinner and that brought Grandpa out of his cave office to see what was the matter.

"Andrew sent me a message at 4:05 today," I mused while he was trying (and failing) to quash the Temper-Temper Monster, "It said, 'Eeek!' What do you think it means?"

"It means, 'I am going to be late today,'" answered Grandpa sagaciously.

He was spot on. Andrew was late. Of course since he already was late when I asked the question it was a little bit of a no-brainer, but we'll stick with sagacious. Andrew didn't walk in the door until 6:00, which is fine, except that I was expecting him earlier.

We've since agreed that when he's having a busy day and needs to stay on campus late(r than planned) to work he should say "Staying late to work" instead of "Eeek!" I'm all for transparency.

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