Friday, January 31, 2014

A Puppet Show: The Boy Who Cried Wolf

We had a full snow day yesterday and the kids played together wonderfully. They watched a Magic School Bus episode while I rode on the bike, then we all did ABC Yoga together. While I had a shower Miriam and Rachel made some sheep (they got the idea at the back of the Sheep in a Jeep book), turned them into puppets, made scenery, and planned a puppet show based on the story of The Boy Who Cried Wolf.

I won't deny they were likely thinking of this story because I likened calling snow days to crying wolf not too long ago (and, boy, is that ever a touchy subject down here).

Anyway, I thought their puppet show was cute, especially when Rachel said something about the wolf wanting to show the little shepherd boy "what it was like to have his sheep attacked by a wolf." So then the wolf started "straying the sheep."

When we were re-watching it together, Rachel was shocked by her bossy behavior.

Around the time she was hissing to Miriam about how "you're not supposed to see the fluffy side—the audience is supposed to see the fluffy side!" her eyes got wide and she let out a little gasp before muttering, "Why hello, Miss Bossypants!"

It was probably good for her to watch herself being so bossy since she doesn't usually believe me when I tell her she's turned into Miss Bossypants. I think being bossy (occasionally, not always) goes with the territory of being an older sister.

She was also shocked to hear her own voice. I remember thinking my recorded voice sounded funny (and sometimes I still do) because it sounds so much different when I hear myself speaking. Rachel needed to talk about that a lot.

"So, that's what everyone hears when I talk?" she wondered.


"But I don't hear that when I talk. I sound different to myself."


"But everyone sounds different to themselves, right?"


It was a fun snow day project for the kids, that's for sure!

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