Saturday, September 26, 2020

A bad omen

So, that last post went way off track. What I had really intended to do was share this little joke/prank that Zoë pulled on me today.

"How about I say a word and you spell it," she suggested. "And then I'll define it!"

"Weird game, but okay," I said. 

She's super into definitions (and synonyms) lately (not that I'm complaining). 

"How do you spell bad?" she asked.

"B-A-D," I answered. 

"That means something not good," she said. "How do you spell omen?"

"O-M-E-N," I answered.

Weird word choice, but the kids had all been playing together unsupervised that morning and Halloween season is coming up and so their games are getting a little Halloween-y themed. Plus, you know my whole house is full of Potterheads. But still...weird word choice.

"That means something is going to happen. How do you spell scream?"


At this point she opened her mouth and let out an ear-piercing, spine-tingling scream that left me feeling completely unsettled (and a little bit deaf). 

"Wha...wha..." I gasped out, shaking my head.

"Told you something bad was going to happen!" she said, and then skipped off cackling.

Weird kid.

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