Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Whose arms are whose?

It's been so chilly here the past little while that we haven't been going to the pool (even though it's technically still open). I know we'll really regret skipping out on the last week of pool season when it gets hot again before actual fall starts, but this week is just a little too chilly for swimming. 

Today I took the kids to the park to do a painting project I had seen somewhere, where you gather local flora samples, trace them on your paper, and then paint them to make a guidebook (or poster) of sorts. I thought the kids would do that, so we walked around identifying trees and plucking a sample or two. We were surprised by the variety of oak found in our park (sawtooth oak and willow oak look nothing like how you might imagine oak leaves to look, but they grow acorns (the sawtooth acorns are wild looking—with spiny little top hats—and the willow oak produces the daintiest mini-acorns). 

Anyway, we found all our leaf samples and then broke out our art supplies only to find that although I had packed paper and pencils and paintbrushes and clipboards and a picnic lunch, and spare clothes in case the children should get wet or cold or have a potty accident, and a million other things...I forgot the paint at home. So...yeah.

The activity ended up being a little anticlimactic, but that was okay because we got to stop by the park to play. Zoë and Benjamin were both dressed in purple, so I asked them to pause their play and pose for a picture for me:

I took more pictures than this one of our day, but I just wanted to throw this one up for now because I think it's so funny! It took me a few minutes to work out what their arms were doing. It's hard to tell whose arms are whose!

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