Tuesday, September 08, 2020

Meant to do that sooner...

We had calzones for dinner last night.

My friend Crystal mentioned once about her daughter, Benjamin's age, making mini pizza pockets by filling refrigerated dough with sauce, cheese, and pepperoni. Benjamin is always wanting to make dinner so I thought I'd let him try it. We hardly ever use store-bought dough these days but I knew we had a couple tubes in our fridge waiting to be used so I dug them out and...decided we needed a backup dinner plan! One tube of dough expired in August 2019 and the other expired in January 2020. Evidently those tubes of dough had been waiting for us to use them for a lot longer than we thought. 

Instead we whipped up some quick pizza dough and then somehow Andrew took over helping Benjamin fill them and do an egg wash. Everything turned out beautifully and Benjamin was very proud to have made dinner. 

We played Quidditch for family night last night.

I've had a box full of Quidditch supplies sitting out in the family room for a while (*cough* eleven months *cough*) because I was in charge of the Quidditch game for the primary activity day girls' Halloween party last year and my kids said, "Can we play that, too?" and I was like, "Not tonight but we'll for sure get around to it." 

We've been "getting around to it" for eleven months now, apparently. 

The kids had a blast throwing ping pong balls through the Quidditch hoops (and then saying an Article of Faith if they managed to get their ball into a cup (I had little Article of Faith tokens at the bottom of each cup)). The cat had a blast chasing stray ping pong balls all around the living room (and the kids were amazed at how she could hop around the cups, rarely knocking any over). 

It's amazing how fast time flies.

One day you have fresh tubes of dough in your fridge and a fresh promise to play Quidditch "some other night" and eleven months later you're throwing out scary (rusted, bulging) cans of dough and are finally getting around to playing you can put the Quidditch game back in the Halloween that it's time to get the Halloween box back out to decorate for Halloween again.

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