Sunday, September 24, 2023

A busy week

 Either this week was terribly busy or we've just gotten so used to having Andrew home most of the time that it feels oppressive when he has to work and commute every day. In addition to jury duty (to which he was summoned for—and then released from—on Wednesday morning), Andrew had a number of meetings that he had to go to campus for. He ended up being on campus on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday, with the jury selection on Wednesday. So we're pretty much worn out this week!

On Monday, though, we went for a walk in the park after dinner, and stayed to have family home evening! Andrew taught us all how to make origami frogs and then when he moved on to origami cranes I excused myself to play with Phoebe in the park because (1) as you can see she was getting into everything and (2) origami cranes are one of the few origami patterns I'm proficient in. 

Phoebe was actually pretty funny trying to follow along the directions with everybody else. Mostly she scrunched and unscrunched her paper, but she didn't even care that hers didn't turn out. She just walked over to the garbage can and chucked her paper inside and then happily played with everyone else's frogs...until I took her to the park, that is.

Zoë had been trying to follow an origami pattern book earlier in the afternoon and was struggling, which is why we decided to include origami in our family night. When Andrew showed us the third step in making (his version of) a frog, Zoë exclaimed, "Oh! So that's a squash fold! I had no idea what they wanted me to do!!"

Now that she has a squash fold down, perhaps she'll be able to follow more patterns in her book!

Here's Phoebe (looking a little goofy) on the stairs at the playground:

She had fun having me all to herself, being allowed to command me where to go and what to do. It's not often she doesn't have to compete for attention! As you can see we stayed until after the sun went down, and then went home for bed.

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