Friday, September 29, 2023

Black peaches

"Om-nom-nom-nom-nom!" Phoebe told me.

"You're hungry?" I asked.

"Yuppo!" she said.

She used to always say "yes" (with a little lisp, so more like "yeth") and some times "yup" or (for whatever reason) "bahm." Recently she's added a little "Yuuuuppo!" to her repertoire and it's ridiculously cute. 

"Would you like a snack?"


"And what would you like for a snack?"

"Peach! Peach!" she sang. "Want peach! Want! Peach!"

"A peach?" I said. "Well, okay! Let's get a peach for you."

"Black peach," she told me seriously. "Black, black. Peach. Black. Black peach. Black, black, black."

Because there are so many tricky consonants in there, however, all her blacks came out as "blatt" and all her peaches came out as "each," so it was "Blatt each. Blatt, blatt. Each. Blatt. Blatt each. Blatt, blatt, blatt."

"You want" 

"Yeth!" she said enthusiastically.

"Well, let's...just...see what we can do about that," I said, quite unsure of how I would fulfill such a request.

We went over to our fruit and she quickly found a bag of plums. 

"Blatt each!" she squealed. "See? Blatt each!"

"Oh! You want a plum!" I chuckled at the clever way she'd worked through her little lexical gap. "These are called plums. They kind of look like black peaches, though, don't they?"

"Blatt each! Cut! Cut!"

"Sure, I can cut one up for you."

While I busied myself doing that, Phoebe helped herself to a whole entire apple. She is always getting into something.

She enjoyed her plum (black peach) and then asked me to cut up her apple and then asked me to cut up a pear and I was like, "This is turning into a regular fruit salad! We'd better call some of your siblings in to help eat all this fruit!" So that's what we did.

This is completely off-topic, but these jammies were handed down from our little neighbour (who knows Phoebe really likes Grogu, and who also happens to rather like Grogu but has grown too big for these jammies). She put them on immediately yesterday, wore them all day, slept in them last night, and then refused to take them off until we were getting ready to go to the pool in the afternoon.

It's a good thing we were going to the pool, too, because otherwise she'd still be wearing them, I'm sure!

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