Tuesday, April 16, 2024

2/4 April haiku

My last post took us from April 1 to April 8, which is 8 days (in case anyone is counting). I already wrote a haiku today, so this post will take us from April 9 to April 16, which is also 8 days. I am well aware that a week is only 7 days long. However, April has 30 I had to have a few collections with 8 days in them (or have four 7-day collections and one 2-day collection and that hardly makes any sense). 

April 9

a dreary morning
against all odds
she asks for milk


soggy catkins
curling on the asphalt
a dead snake

April 10

yawning awake
the iris blossom is plucked
by toddler fingers


a thunderstorm
by fate or by luck
the garden drinks

April 11

wind advisory
exhale when angry
breathe out, move on


trippy tricycles
jackknife maneuver
fractured elbow

April 12

stuttering star
bringing my sister
midnight plane

April 13

hopeful children
surround an empty pit
waiting for fire


swell in the heat
white, gold, burnt

April 14

lightly dusted 
with sifted tree pollen
sugar-coated sneeze

April 15

poison ivy
here, there, everywhere
itchy canopy

April 16

ride off into the sunrise
morning flight

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