Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Rachel and Miriam take Vienna (and other places)

It's been weird and wonderful having Rachel and Miriam being off on their little adventure. People have asked me whether I worry about them and—honestly?—I don't think I really have been. They're good, capable teenagers, and they are accompanied by a number of good and capable adults—Auntie Josie, who is very well-travelled, Uncle Patrick, who lives in Austria, and Hadis, Uncle Patrick's girlfriend, who I hear has made some delicious food for everyone and who offered up her apartment building's practice room for Miriam's use. They've been well taken care of. 

I've been asked whether we're feeling the pinch of having our babysitters and extra driver snatched away and...I'll admit there have been times when it would have been useful to have a babysitter or extra driver around, but we've managed. 

Mostly I've been consoling myself with the fact that by the time these two are actually ready to leave the house, Phoebe will be just that much older (that is, less of a baby and more of a kid, and that should be helpful). 

Today Darla asked whether it was quiet without the girls and you might be surprised to hear is quieter without the girls around. They're not very noisy people, but the house is definitely quieter without them. The table feels emptier and no one has to sit next to anyone else in the van and so, yes, it's quieter. 

From the few text messages I've gotten from the girls (and Uncle Patrick and Aunt Josie), they seem to be having a wonderful time, but we'll sure be glad to have them back home!

Their Instagram accounts are filled with pictures of...places...but here are a few pictures Auntie Josie has sent me of them...

Here they are carrying baguettes home from the bakery on their way back to Uncle Patrick's apartment on their very first day in Europe:

Here they are overlooking a city...Salzburg, perhaps:

Miriam was thrilled to visit all the Mozart sights, of course. Here she is having stumbled upon a LEGO Mozart:

And another one:

I believe this is St. Stephen's Cathedral in Vienna:

And here they are getting some pastries at Gerstner:

It's a very fancy place.

Apparently they were told to try out their "smolder" for some pictures:

Auntie Josie was not impressed with their ability to smolder. It's not Rachel's fault that she channels Great Depression Housewife. Nor is it Miriam's fault that she can't keep a straight face.

They're having a simply a-maze-ing time and will be sad to come home in just a few short days, I'm sure.

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