Friday, July 05, 2024

Fourth of July Fireworks

We started our homeschool year this week so we can get some school days under our belts before the real chaos begins in the fall. Did I give my children the day off today? We didn't have any big plans, so we we hung out at home, did some schoolwork, played some games, and had a wonderful barbecue dinner. And then we headed out to watch fireworks with the neighbours. 

First we went to some friends in the ward who have kids around Phoebe's age (so the fireworks were a little bit earlier). Here are the kids enjoying some sparklers:

Phoebe was less comfortable with the sparklers:

She got Andrew pretty scared a few times as well:

Some more sparkler pictures:

The kids discovered that you could draw pictures into the pavement with the sparklers (hopefully it all washes away):

This toothless smile is hilarious:

The older kids' friends had fireworks starting at 9:00 so they headed off together around then to walk to their friends' house and Phoebe, Andrew and I waited for the grand finale before joining them around the block.

Phoebe wasn't a fan of all the noise and told Andrew that what she really wanted to do was go home and get in her pyjamas and get cozy in her bed.

But we made her drop in at the other house, anyway. It's possible some of my kids are in these pictures (it's also possible that they're not; there were kids everywhere):

Andrew took Phoebe home pretty soon after we arrived and got her tucked into bed. She really didn't like the fireworks much.

I still don't know if any of those kids are my kids:

But these are definitely my kids!

Once again they really enjoyed the sparklers (we'll have to pick some up for the neighbourhood kids next year!). I don't have any pictures of Benjamin, but he was off with the bigger kids doing bigger-kid things.

 It was a good Fourth of July (in spite of making the kids do math this morning).

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