Monday, July 01, 2024

In the first five minutes Phoebe was awake...

"Tan we doe to the pool?" Phoebe asked, stumbling out of bed.

"Good morning to you, too!" I said. "Unfortunately, we can't go to the pool right now because we have to take Alexander to his doctor appointment."

"Oh. How 'bout you not tan tate Alexi to dotor. Daddy tan do that."

"Daddy can't do that because he's taking the girls to FSY right now. So Mommy needs to take Alexander to his appointment. You can come, too."

"Okay. I will choose some clothes."

"Good idea."

"What are you doing!? I want shirt and pants!"

"Of course, I see that you have both a shirt and pants here and I will help you put them on, but in order to do that we have to take off your pyjamas."

"Otay. This is such a busy day! This is not a church day!"

"No, it's not. We went to church yesterday, didn't we?"

"We have Luna today. We have dotor pointments. *sigh*"

"It is a busy day, but I don't think we have Luna today."

"Me so hungry! You so hungry, too? You have not eaten breakfast yet."

"I have not eaten breakfast yet. We can go get some breakfast together. What would you like?"

"Mac-roni and cheese."

"That does sound good. Unfortunately, I don't think I'm going to make macaroni and cheese for breakfast so you're out of luck there. Let me give you some options. We have leftover waffles in the fridge. We have lots of leftovers in the fridge! We have watermelon that's all cut up. We have oatmeal. We have cereal. We have..."

"I want...waffles!"

"Great, let's get some waffles for you. Can you get out a plate?"

"Here's my plate. What are you doing?! I like them hot, not cold!"

"Well, I have to put them on your plate cold...because they just came out of the fridge..."

"Me not like them cold!"

"We won't leave them cold. We can..."

"Tan you wave them? Tan you put them in the microwaver?"

"Yes, that's a good plan. Let's warm them up for a few seconds."

"Tan I have butter? And syrup?"

"You can have butter and syrup."

"Taint you. Hey! Stop! You didn't put butter on my waffle yet!"

"What are you talking about? There's butter right there."

"Yeth. White butter. What about my peanut butter?"

"You want peanut butter, too? You didn't say that."

"I said I want butter. I want all the butters. That's what butter means."

"Fine. You can have some peanut butter, too. There you go. Ready for syrup now?"

"Yeth. Yeth, I am ready. What!? Why you cutting it up?!"

"So you can eat it easier."

"I tan just pick it up!"

"Not with syrup and everything on it. I'd like you to use a fork. Can you get a fork for yourself?"

"Yeth! I can! I can get a..."

*runs directly into the wall instead of through the doorway...which is right there*


"Oh, dear. Did you hurt your head or your foot more?"

"Mine head!"

"I'm so sorry that happened."

"*sniff* I just want *sniff* to eat *sniff* mine waffles."

"Okay. Let's get you settled down first."


  1. Phoebe has much to say!

  2. YES. Toddlers demand so much attention. Not that their requests are difficult, they're just constant.