Saturday, March 30, 2024

Easter Saturday

Knowing that Sundays have been anything but restful recently, we decided to go ahead and do Easter baskets on Saturday this year. The Easter Bunny hid eggs all over the main floor and the basement, so we'll probably be hunting Easter eggs for a good year or more. Phoebe has been finding eggs all day!


The boys got little trash grabbers in their baskets and they used those to get eggs from up high:

Here's Phoebe with two blue eggs:

Here's Benjamin carrying around his haul...

...which he unwisely left unattended in the middle of the floor. Phoebe thought she'd found the motherlode and simply started grabbing eggs from his basket and transferring them to hers:

He didn't mind at all, however. In fact, all the kids kept bringing her eggs and saying, "This egg is for you, Phoebe!" and I kept saying, "Let her look on her own!!" 

Here she is grabbing some from the stairs:

We empty everything out into communal candy dishes, anyway, so it's not like it matters who found which egg, and we his so many that everyone was able to find plenty (and, like I said, we're still finding them). 

Here's Phoebe showing off one of the candies she got from an egg:

In addition to candy, we also got a bunch of little finger slingshots. We got some for Christmas and had such a fun time shooting them around the house that I figured it was about time to replenish our stock. We got some animals as well as some...uh..poop ones.

Phoebe really doesn't like poop so we thought it would be funny to trick her with them, but although she gags at leaves on the floor and can't stand soggy brown food, she thought these were hilarious. They're a bit stickier than the animal ones and she loves launching them at the ceiling (as do other members of our household). She went to bed with a handful of these "little shooters," as she calls them, and made me sing various lullabies to various animals, as well a a poop lullaby. Silly girl!

We engaged in an epic battle before putting her to bed, which made these well worth it. It was an especially fitting way to unwind after the wild day we had.

I don't know if it was post-wedding wildness...or because we hyped them all up on Easter candy...but the kids were nuts! I usually take pictures of egg-dying, but...I just didn't. It was too chaotic! But I will take pictures of our eggs before the Easter Egg Smackdown tomorrow.

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