Thursday, October 12, 2006

5 hour date

Last night Andrew and I had the most enjoyable evening. We went to the temple with Grandpa Frank & Grandma Sharon, and Brock & Layla. It was nice to get to do that with them before Grandpa and Grandma leave on their mission. After we went to dinner at Los Hermanos. The service was terrible, but that gave us a lot more time to visit with each other. Grant came to dinner with us as well. We pretended it was his birthday. It is his birthday in a week, so we didn't have to pretend that much, it was still pretty funny. He kept insisting that it was his birthday and demanding things.

Because Grandma and Grandpa won't be here for Christmas, they gave us our presents already. With specific instructions not to open them until Christmas. Andrew is having a hard time with this. He really doesn't do well waiting to open things. So, I hid the presents from him. We'll see how long they stay hidden. Hopefully he'll leave them be until Christmas.

Layla was pretty bad, too. She kept hinting about her Christmas present for Grandma and Grandpa all through dinner.

It's only October. We still have Halloween and Thanksgiving to go through until we have to worry about Christmas!

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  1. You know I was going to comment on how pathetic your students were and then I realized that I could not think of a single biology social that I ever went to. I didn't even go to graduation...I ditched mine and walked in the humanities one with Jason. It had a better time and steal drums. Okay but it is true that I am one of the least social butterflies out there. It isn't that I lack the skills to be social. I remember on time Jason and I were in a van with a large number of teenage girls. I was chatting, being nice, and teasing them. We got out of the van and Jason turned to me with a look of utter horror on his face and said, "You realize you will make the perfect young women's president." The horror of course was due to the fact that even fifteen years later Jason still can't stand the workings and mainly gigglings of teenage girls and should that calling ever be extended to me he would have a difficult time not throwing up in the bishop's office. I am fairly proud of myself though because we did recently attend one of the med school activites. They were meeting up for dinner and thrilled that it wasn't an alcohol centered activity, Jason, I (extremely pregnant looking), and Ezra showed up only to realize that the resteraunt was really more of a bar and possibly grill. We would have turned and walked away right then but the group was on the patio calling to us so somehow we ended up eating dinner, pregnant lady, two year old, and mormon dad on the patio of a bar on main street. Pretty much everyone who walked by was horrified to say the least. I guess I should have tried to be more social while I was at BYU and the activites actually revolved around getting to know each other while you are sober.