Sunday, October 01, 2006

Photo Shoot with the Twins

It's conference weekend! My sister, Kelli, came down from Salt Lake with her girls (they boys are at their dad's house this weekend so we'll get pictures of them up later). Andrew and I went over so that I could hang out with my mom and sisters during Priesthood session...and also so that I could hold the babies. And so that we could take pictures of them to put up on the blog for our family to see (Auntie Abra hasn't met the twins yet)!

When we went back inside, I was given both babies because everyone else was busy. This was not just any balancing act. These babies are relatively...ummm...large. Let's just say that they are as big as I was when I was around two years old--they are only 6 months old. They are 20 pounds each! That's 40 pounds of baby that I'm holding which is nearly 40% of my body weight, so if I look like I'm grunting, I probably am!

Dad took Sabrina and gave her a kiss. She promptly started crying (with real tears streaming down her face). We figure that he scratched her with his 5 o'clock shadow and scared her half to death. Although, she was relatively had to get to smile the whole evening so I think it might have something to do with her diaper rash.

The girls have gotten so mobile recently. Sabrina will push herself up on her hands and knees. She so desperately wants to crawl but can only scoot backwards. This is very frustrating to her when she is trying to get something placed in front of her. She'll get it soon!

Olivia is also getting a lot more active. She learned to roll over (finally!) a few weeks ago and ever since then has been a much happier baby. She's a lot more interested in toys and playing and moving. Here she is enjoying the walker (that they can't really touch the ground in yet!) that, believe it or not, they fight over. Yes, these 6 month-old girls fight over toys. It's pretty funny to watch. I didn't know that infants fought over things but apparently they do.

They get a long most of the time though. It's fun to see them interact with each other. Whenever they are together they like to hold onto each other. It's hard when you put one down to sleep and the other one mauls them until they wake up...but, it's cute to watch them play together.

One of Olivia's favorite chew toy is...Sabrina. For some reason, Sabrina doesn't really seem to mind and won't pull her arm or scoot away. She just lets Oliva do it.

We also decided to put up a picture of Rosie on our blog, even though most of you have seen her. We love her, too, though and even though she spent most of yesterday hiding in the basement with Josie (playing the computer, obviously, we made an effort to catch her on film. I think it is nice that Josie and Rosie are such good friends. I think it would be so hard to be an aunt only 3 years older than your niece. Josie and Patrick are 5 years apart. Josie and I are 9 years apart... Josie is closer in age to her niece than any of her siblings! Talk about role confusion! Anyway, they get along well most of the time. Well, by special request, this picture has been removed. We will try to get a new one up shortly.

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