Friday, October 27, 2006

Mind Reading

I suppose I should explain why we are neglecting our studies and household chores and spending a whole two bucks to go on a date. Well, one year ago (yesterday, to be precise), Andrew and I got engaged. Yup, one year ago (yesterday...only it was a Wednesday not a Thursday) we went to do baptisms for the dead at the Mt. Timpanogos temple. It was one of our weekly dates, for the whole 2 weeks we dated.

As some of you may know, Andrew sometimes has a hard time expressing his feelings. On our second date he was giving me a ride home and ran out of things to say, so he reached in the backseat and said, "Here, look at this, these are my scriptures. I have them divided up in sections and then color-coded by topic so that I always know where to find things." (Keep in mind that he'd just gotten off his mission.) I was like, "Cool." Then he said, "Do you have a scripture marking system?" I knew that this meant I think you're really cool and want to date you and then marry you. He just couldn't say that...yet.

Anyway, one year ago, we were at the temple and there was a kid from Milano there. That was cool because Andrew served his mission in Rome and I was taking Italian at school (perhaps because Andrew was serving an Italian speaking mission...perhaps not). I was too afraid to talk to a real Italian so Andrew and the kid were having a nice conversation, completely ignoring me. We did our baptisms and confirmations and ended up leaving the temple at the same time. Andrew and Mr. Italy started talking again. I was listening, and understanding a lot of what they were saying. All of a sudden Mr. Italy said, "Quando è che vi sposati?" In case you didn't get that, that means "When are you getting married?"

Upon hearing this, I kind of whipped my head up to look at Andrew with this shocked expression on my face. Mr. Italy says, "What? She speaks Italian?" And I was like, "Si..." And he mumbled uncomfortably, "I have to go!" With that, he ran off to his car and took off.

Andrew said, also uncomfortably, "Uhhhh...let's go." We started off toward our car in stunned silence. As we were walking down the sidewalk, Andrew said, "So, hypothetically speaking, could that ever happen?" I knew that meant Will you marry me? So I said, "Yes." Thus, we got engaged.

In case anyone is wondering, Andrew is a little better at expressing his feelings now. Yesterday he said, "So, we should go to a movie maybe Superman." I knew that this meant Let's go see Superman. No Rocks. So I said, "Okay."

To add to our strange communications habits, yesterday we went to the Mt. Timpanogos temple with my mom for her ward temple night. That was cool because that's where we were a year ago when he asked me to marry him. After changing in the locker rooms, we met up in the chapel. I always give Andrew my key because my dress doesn't have pockets in it and I don't like the key jingling all over the place. Before putting the key in his pocket, he looked at the locker number engraved on it. He laughed and then pulled out his key. They were the exact same number: I8D (Isle I, stall 8, locker D). So, not only do we finish each other's sentences, say the exact same thing at the exact same time, and agree on almost everything, we also choose the same locker. Mom thought that was a little creepy. What can I say? Andrew and I are just connected!


  1. So you were only "hypothetically" engaged? Did you ever get "really" engaged?? I can't believe I haven't heard this story!

  2. Well, hypothetical is about as good as it ever got. I suppose that means that we're only hypothetically married now. We'll have hypothetical children, get hypothetical jobs, and live a hypothetical life...maybe one day we'll enter the real world!

    Maybe. Hypothetical is good though!