Wednesday, January 10, 2007

A family that plays together...

Family togetherness can be a very good thing. It can also be a very stressful thing. It can also be a time to spread germs and illness.

Such was the case on Saturday at Matthew's birthday party. As I pointed out (see point number 3), Rosie got sick at the restaurant before the food even came, so we know it had to just be her or the stomach flu.

It was the stomach flu. Believe me!

The rest of her siblings got sick the next day. The boys threw up for about 6 hours, and the twins for about 24. Sabrina even had to be taken to the hospital and put on an IV because she was so dehydrated.

Josie got sick a while after that. David got sick about 12 hours after Josie. And I got sick about 12 hours after him.

So we all shared. Aren't we nice? We couldn't share balloons, but somehow we managed to pass this little trinket around alright.

So I missed work on Tuesday and slept all day since I spent all of Monday night pretty much on the bathroom floor. I couldn't even hold down water.

I also went home early this afternoon to sleep and am feeling much better.

I just hope that Andrew doesn't get sick! He doesn't have the time to until at least Saturday...even then he has to work, so that might not be too good. I'll just keep hoping he doesn't catch it from me.


  1. Hey Nanny, why don't I just email you my account and then you could do it for me???? (I'm actually giving you big puppy dog eyes and a huge toothy grin right now, I even batted my eyes a little.) PLEEEAAASSEEE, after all, you are my hero! (Hee,hee) Love your slide show by the way, even though we're not in it but, y'know, (sniff, sniff) whatever.
    Love you, hope you are feeling better and that Andrew doesn't get sick if you guys have neo citran, it's the best thing ever - don't you take it right now, but Andrew could. If you dont' have it, I'll send some to you (hah!) Like I send anybody anything lol!!! but maybe, if I had some links....

  2. Oh, no, not you guys, too!

    It's so hard on the poor babies.

  3. Hey Nanny,
    What's happening?
    You're slacking in your updates!
    Talk to you later, check out myspace I changed it, feel free to add yourself to my links section in blogspot!
    I love you and hope you are doing well, did you know that Jenna was pregnant? email me your phone# again I forget thanks, abra