Friday, January 26, 2007

Heather comes to town

Last night my cousin Heather and her husband Ryan stopped over on their "way" to Texas for their belated wedding reception in his home town. Granted, we are an hour away from the airport, but Heather and I haven't seen each other since her wedding back in September, and we're pretty much inseparable, so an hour wasn't too far out of her way.

She got here at 9:00 pm and we all had macaroni and cheese for dinner while we talked. We then talked until almost midnight (with Heather and I doing most of the talking, of course), at which time Ryan suggested they go to bed since they needed to be at the airport at 7:30 the next morning. Andrew heartily agreed since he had to be to school early. We all know that Heather and I would have stayed up until the wee hours of the morning talking since I have no where to be today and Heather wasn't driving and could sleep in the car.

You'll all be happy to know that we listened to our husbands and went to be anyway...but not without some difficulty.

Andrew and I, I think, are still in that newly wed stage. This means that we still only have one bed in our house. I borrowed a foam mattress from my mom so that one person could sleep on that and the other could sleep on our couch. However, Ryan and Heather had their own ideas (they are newly weds) and brought their own inflatable (double) air mattress. So, at quarter to midnight, Ryan spread it out and turned their pump on.

At first, it was going great. It sounded like a pop corn popper and was going strong. 3 minutes later it sounded more like a dieing cat than an pop corn popper and the blob on the floor was not turning into a mattress very fast. "Oh, no," Heather said, "I forgot the charger..."

While I was getting them an extra blanket, Ryan started blowing the mattress up manually. I came back in and Heather and I joked about how he and Andrew should have lots of air left since we did all the talking...

But by now it was past midnight, so I told them that our couch cousins are really comfortable. We vouched for them ourselves and told them one of our most dramatic fights as a couple. We really don't have many and most of them are ridiculous.

One night, at around 2 am, Andrew asked for the water bottle, so I handed it to him. Then I thought it would be kind of funny to squeeze it on him while he was drinking, so I did. And it was funny until he (this part he swears is accidental) held the bottle over my head and squeezed it for like 10 seconds.

I was wet and I was mad and I didn't have my glasses on so I couldn't see and it was dark anyway, so it didn't matter. Andrew jumped out of bed an taunted me, "What are you going to do now? You can't see me!" (That is how I know his "accident" was no accident at all).

It was true! I couldn't get him back. I was at a loss.

He kept taunting me (furthering my belief that it wasn't an accident), "Your side of the bed is all wet, too. Now where are you going to sleep?"

Not only was that not a nice thing to say to your soaking wet wife, but it wasn't the smartest thing to say either because it gave that soaking wet, and raving mad wife a brilliant idea.

Quickly, I unscrewed the lid of the water bottle...

"What are you doing?" asked a panicked Andrew.

...and dumped it on his side of the bed.

"Nothing," I replied, "but, uh, where are you going to sleep?"

He sat down on his side of the bed, confused by what I had said because he didn't think that I had gotten him back...and we both started laughing. His side of the bed was drenched.

We really didn't have anywhere to sleep and by now it's well past 2 am, so we went into the living room, pulled all the cushions off of the couch and made ourselves a little bed.

Heather and Ryan got to do the same thing when they slept over. How fun. Actually, they agreed that it was comfy. Plus, they had a little foam mattress that I borrowed from my parents.

Unfortunately, they didn't have much time in the morning. They flew standby from the Salt Lake Airport so they wanted to get there super early in order to make the soonest flight available. That means that they left at 6:30. That is usually the time Andrew and I get up...but we sacrificed some sleep in order to eat breakfast with them and see them off.

And make a huge fool of myself. I seem to have developed a little thing called "pregnancy brain," a fairly normal ailment of pregnant women. That said, I have developed the habit of being way more ditsy than I used to be. I had been wondering to myself where Ryan had served his mission--now, I knew that I already knew this tidbit of information, but I couldn't remember. He spoke Spanish, served outside the country...I kept picking up little hints through the conversations we were having.

Then Heather mentioned that he "picked up this snap thing from Argentina." It's also the same snap my brother and uncle picked up in Brazil and I imagine that you could pick it up other places, too. Anyway, all the pieces of the puzzle suddenly came together.

I'm proud to say that I thought before I spoke, so this wasn't as embarrassing as it could have been: Oh, you served in Argentina? Wow...your companion did, too! That's so cool!

See, Andrew and I had sat with Ryan's mission companion at the wedding lunch. Obviously we had talked about where he went on his mission considering Mr. Companion just got back...and obviously Ryan served in the same mission as his companion. I just didn't put two and two together until two seconds too late.

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