Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Rachel Quotes

Handing me a book: "Read at me, Mommy!"

Feeling Miriam kick: "Oooh, Miriam's poppin' in there!"

When asked what she'll do when the baby comes: "When Miriam comes we will play toys all day!"

Upon seeing a restaurant: "Momma, what is that place? [I answer.] Oh, I has idea! Maybe we can go inside...and...founding pizza!"

When Uncle Patrick called her Dacher instead of Rachel: "I'm not Dacher. I'm Dacher!"

When she wants to use felt markers: "Mommy, will you marker with me?"

When she wants to go upside down (or rough house): "I be up-down!"

First time she saw Andrew behind the wheel: "Whoa! Daddy drives?!"

Another thing Rachel does now is offers to do another good thing when we ask her to do something she doesn't want to do but knows she should.

She wet the bed the other night and got pee everywhere because she had taken off her diaper cover, which she isn't supposed to do. So I made her take her sheets and put them in the washing machine. And her pillow and her toys and her blanket.

She stopped in the middle of the job and started picking up some paper from the floor.

"Rachel, you need to be doing the laundry," I chided.

"But I'm picking up garbage!" she wailed, as if that should count as putting her bedding in the wash.

Granted, putting sheets into the washer is a big job...but let's just say there have been too many accidents lately and I'm sick of putting sheets into the washer and wanted her to know why.

Last night when I asked her to climb into bed she asked me to cut her toenails first. I've been trying to get her to let me cut her toenails for weeks--it's difficult to cut them when she isn't a willing victim because she's got a powerful kick--so I jumped at the opportunity. When I was finished cutting her toenails she offered to let me cut her fingernails, too. When I was finished with those she said,

"Now cut my toenails again, please."

Anything to stay up a little longer, I guess.


  1. Amazing. Michael let me cut all his fingernails today too! Not even a wiggle.

    He is behind in communication though (according to the doc). I need to work on that.

  2. Isn't it funny how when we are little we don't want to go to bed, and when we are big we don't want to get up?

  3. I wish I could meet her, she's hilarious!

  4. I hope I can understand what my kids are saying as well as you can because I bet it'll make life more entertaining.