Thursday, March 10, 2011

Teething any?

I don't even know how long we've been waiting for this tooth to come in. Miriam's poor gums have been swollen and uncomfortable for weeks—likely upwards of six. I'm not even kidding. This girl is the slowest teether in the universe. 

We're finally making progress, though, and the molar on her right side has ruptured her gums! Today her mouth was bleeding so much that she was drooling blood, the poor thing. 

She has picked up some serious talents while teething, though. For example, she can shove her whole fist in her mouth and still manage to talk. Or at least babble.

And if nothing else works out for her she'll at least be able to find a job removing (hopefully lead-free) paint. 

For the sake of my sanity and her crib railing, let's all hope we get a break from teething soon!

Unfortunately the same molar on the left side is still giving her plenty of grief—her gums are all swollen with no clear sign of any pending rupture. As I said before, "Poor thing!"


  1. Sounds like our house!!! *sigh*

  2. Thanks for posting this. My daughter's first molar us erupting and this pic made me think things are a little more normal than what my mind was thinking.