Friday, March 10, 2023

I'm a great aunt (again)!

Sweet little Oaklyn joined the family on March 7! Poor Rosie had a hard time with the delivery again, but because of her history of hemorrhaging with Ireland's birth, the medical team was better prepared to help Rosie after the delivery and she managed to avoid having a blood transfusion this time around (though she still didn't have an easy time with things). 

My mom and Josie were lucky enough to get to go visit them in the hospital and Auntie Josie called us from there to show us the baby. She really is a sweet, little thing. 

I've been a great-aunt for over a decade now (Oaklyn...Okotoks, the sixth-or-so great-grandchild for my parents) and a great aunt (no hyphen) for over nearly thirty years, and I'd like to know how that happened. 

Granted, not everyone becomes an aunt at age eight, but still...the fact that I've been an aunt for nearly thirty years seems incredible. 

Anyway, welcome to the world, Oaklyn!


  1. How sweet! Congrats to Rosie and her husband and Ireland!

  2. Fifth. Please tell me there is not a sixth one somewhere that I have missed! Oh!!! Iah. I missed one.