Wednesday, March 15, 2023

More lizards

Today during my class, Benjamin caught an anole and named it Jake...or Jack...or Jeff. He honestly can't remember. But that's okay because upon further inspection it was decided the lizard might be a female. Maybe. It's hard to tell the gender of lizards. 

So now we're calling it Sam. 

Here they are together:

When I asked Benjamin how he caught it, he smirked and said, "I just...grabbed it."

On a very technical level, keeping native species as pets is illegal,* so Benjamin won't be keeping this little friend, but it was fun to observe it for a little while. He and his friends spent a considerable amount of time digging up worms for this little creature (although I think its preference is crickets).

* except for frogs, actually. You can apparently hold frogs hostage without risk of penalty, among a list of other things I wouldn't be willing to keep as a pet (venomous snakes, for example). I'm having trouble seeing how frogs are a nuisance (is it because they attract snakes?)