Monday, January 01, 2024

On Christmas Eve in the Evening

On Christmas Eve we surely had something for dinner. I can't remember whether it was latkes or green chili burritos, but either way it was good (and whatever we didn't have for Christmas Eve dinner, we had for Christmas dinner (Andrew was a super chef machine over Christmas break)). 

After dinner we gathered together to read the Christmas story. This year, rather than having Andrew read and the kids act it out, I put together a sort of a reader's theatre piece, breaking up the lines (pulled directly from the scriptures) over various characters so that more people could have a chance to read. The kids had so much fun reading Shakespeare together this past semester that I thought they'd also enjoy reading some more of the scripture story. I'm not sure it was a complete success, but they did seem to enjoy it. 

Alexander and Phoebe were Joseph and Mary.

While everyone was still divvying up parts and costumes, Alexander and Phoebe got right into character. Here they are singing to Baby Jesus before the start of our "program."

Zoë played the part of the Angel of the Lord. Here she is proclaiming tidings of great joy:

The shepherds were Miriam, Benjamin, and Rachel. Rachel was particularly adept at being sore afraid.

Here are our three kings (Grandpa, Benjamin, and Uncle Patrick), approaching King Herod (Rachel, who was sitting across the room) and Herod's chief priest (Miriam):

And here's Benjamin—once again a very enthusiastic actor—presenting gifts of gold, frankinscence, and myrrh to the Holy Family:

After we were finished with the story, our primary children sang 'Mary's Lullaby' (though our Mary/Phoebe's behaviour wasn't particularly conducive to putting babies to sleep):

We then moved into singing favourite Christmas carols, though Uncle Patrick got a phone call and had to excuse himself. Then, while we were singing...there was some scratching and tapping at our window.

It was Krampus! Because a visit from Santa feels a little too blasé sometimes...

We borrowed the horns from Miriam's friend Andie (who made them herself) and pieced together a few other things from our dress up bin. The kids weren't entirely tricked, but there was a lot of shrieking and laughing, so I think it went over well. 

Here's Benjamin being carted away in a basket. Maybe he'll make better choices next year.

Before bed we set out some milk and cookies for Santa—or, as Phoebe calls him—"Nansa."

She had an awfully long time leaving the cookies for Santa...

And then thought that if she wasn't allowed to have any of those delicious-looking cookies...perhaps she'd be allowed a sip of milk. Alas, she was stopped from drinking any milk, either! 

We let her have a cookie—which she so desperately needed—as a bedtime snack. Here she is explaining her theory on who the recipient of Christmas cookies should be:

And then we put the kids to bed (with everyone in the basement, except for Phoebe) and finished doing all the work that is getting ready for Christmas morning.

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