Thursday, January 18, 2024

Once there was an iceman...

We've been in the middle of—what for Georgia is—a deep freeze. But although the world is freezing, there's nary a snowflake to be seen, and the kids have thus been feeling a little shortchanged. We have a tradition of building a snowman with the first snowfall of the season (at least, or, when we live in the south every snowfall of the season). Benjamin was determined to use the cold weather to do just that, even if the cold weather wasn't offering any supplies. 

He grabbed a laundry basket (that he and his friend found in the back-backyard; my backyard is filled with junk they've found in the back-backyard) and trudged into the back-backyard to harvest some ice from the creek. He knows I worry about him when he's back there, but he's pretty good at being home in time to "check in" at our designated hour (whatever it might be), and right on target I looked out the window and saw Benjamin lugging his basket full of ice home.

His plan was to crush the ice and then shape it into a snowman.

Crushing it took a long time. Both Alexander and Phoebe wanted to help (I'm sure Zoë would have wanted to help as well, but she was at piano lessons). They boys used some half-full paint cans to help crush the ice.

Phoebe was thrilled to have such big piece of ice around (she loves ice...from the fridge) and I sure had my time keeping her from eating the ice.

While the boys found it easier to work without their gloves, Phoebe wanted her little mittens on because the ice was so cold. I can't say I blame her!

Phoebe, no! Don't eat that!

Here's their finished iceman: 

Here are Alexander, Benjamin, and Phoebe with their iceman:

Here is Benjamin, the mastermind and chief engineer of the project:

And Alexander, the hardworking and cheerful grunt worker:

This little guy is just happy to be here:

And here are Phoebe and Alexander playing "going ice skating" on the frosty remains of their project:

They finished up just in time for dinner. 

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  1. I love this! Where there’s a will there’s a way! I can totally see my 11-year-old doing the exact same thing.