Sunday, January 07, 2024

Who said that?!

While he was grocery shopping, Andrew picked up a two-pack of some small tongs. We've had one pair for years and years—they've got orange silicon tips and they're just perfect for serving roasted vegetables and things—and we've often found ourselves wishing aloud that we had more of the same. But—until this week—we've just made do with that single pair of small tongs and a couple pairs of larger tongs (which are so unwieldy that we hardly ever bring them out).

Anyway, Andrew came home with this two-pack of small tongs and I was like, "Oh, this is great! We've always wanted more of these!"

And Rachel was like, "Awesome! More tongs!"

Miriam whipped open the drawer where tongs are kept, pulled out the orange tongs, and said, "New tongs? Good! These things are the worst!"

Nary two seconds had elapsed (and none of the rest of us even had time to say anything) and Miriam gasped and goes, "Huh? Who said that?!"

" did," we said. 

"I did not!" she said. "Mom said it!"

"I did not say it," I said. "I just said those were great."

"Then Rachel did!"

"Not me," Rachel said. 


"Nope. It was you. You said it."

"But what....why? I don't even remember saying that!!"

She spent several minutes trying to figure out what had coerced her into saying that. Was it that she didn't like that the orange tongs don't quite stay closed these days? Had she been reaching for the pair of longer tongs that don't stay closed at all? Had she really meant to say best rather than worst?


We spent the rest of the day saying things and then acting all spooked before saying, "Who said that?!"


It's possible we'll continue to do this for the rest of our lives.

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