Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Baby Shower

On Saturday we packed up Rachel, met my aunt Judy, went and picked up Josie and then headed to my Grandma Layton's house in Salt Lake. We were only 15 minutes late, which I felt bad about, but as my Aunt Judy pointed out that's just Mormon Standard Time, and more excusably, Mormons with a New Baby Standard Time.

Shortly after our arrival Andrew's Grandma Pat, Aunt Becky, Aunt Nicki and Emma showed up. Since the twins were sleeping, we immediately started to play some games. The funnest game was probably the one where we all put paperbags over our heads and removed something we could "do without." Andrew was the last man standing, but I was pretty close, too. We were removing our rings, glasses, shoes, hair elastics, etc. only to finally realize that no one needs a paper bag over their head. At least we brought Andrew so that he was the last one. Of course, had he not been there, Aunt Nicki would have been the last one...and then me.

It was fun to visit with everyone and Kelli and Grandma L. went through a lot of work decorating and planning activities. I got some great gifts, but our favorite was probably the swing that Aunt Judy got for us. It's as small as our bouncy chair, it swings, it vibrates, it plays music, and it disassembles to fit into a bag. We tried it out today and Rachel was asleep within 2 minutes (we will therefore only use it when we want her to fall asleep).


  1. you guys have all the fun without MEEEEE!

  2. I would have LOVED for you to be there... I'm sad we live so far away, too! I put some videos up on the blog just for you.

    I am still waiting for one to upload though, so don't check for a few minutes.