Wednesday, August 15, 2007

The Inevitable

When Rachel was about a week old, Andrew said, "Well, I guess we've passed the blow-out stage without a blow-out."

"What do you mean?" I asked.

"Well, she had that one blow-out, but she wasn't wearing a diaper so it doesn't really count...and now she should be finished, right? I mean, she is a week old."

Oh, Andrew, Andrew,'re so cute when you're completely naive.

"The blow-outs get worse as the baby gets older because they eat more which means they..."

He wasn't too happy to hear that. She was really pretty good for the first two weeks, which passed incident free.

Now that we've entered week three, we have at least one blow-out everyday, usually first thing in the morning right after daddy leaves for work. Usually I'm holding her or nursing her when she does her thing. I'll then kind of poke around to see if it s leaking anywhere...and of course I never find any evidence of leakage. It's only when I reposition Rachel to stand up that I find the offending area. This is usually done with my bare hand or forearm (which is thankfully easier to clean than, say, my pants or shirt). If I checked up her back, she'll have leaked out one of her legs. If I checked her legs, she'll leak out the back. If I checked both her legs and her back, and then pick her up to hold her tummy-out against my arm...she will inevitably leak out the front of her diaper.

I'm not really sure how she plans it, but she's good!

Oh, and for everyone who volunteered to help, I have a pile of onesies, night gowns and pants that need to be scrubbed before we can wash them,'s the time to step up to the plate. Any takers?


  1. sounds like it's time for some bigger diapers! That's how I know it's time for Karen to start wearing a bigger size (which thankfully holds more). Incidentally, we're about to start another size too...I bet my laundry is worse ;)

  2. Yeah, what kind of diapers are you using. Fortunately, Maya never had any blow-outs. We were lucky.

  3. We're using pampers--newborn. We tried the Huggies ones but they seem too big still.

    She only ever has a blow out first thing in the morning...and it is a tremendous poop. Every other one during the day is just fine.

  4. For the after-effects: direct sunshine gets poop stains out of clothing. Wash it first and then lay it out in the sun for a while. It bleaches them away.

    Just so you know :).

  5. That's a great tip bridget...also Nancy the sooner you can get them soaking the better. With Ezra we used to scrub them out everytime. It was so icky. Now that we have our own washer and dryer (which I know you have) I spray the offending item with spray and wash as soon as I get it off Grace (or me) and throw it in the washing machine to soak. Then after a few hours I wash it. All of Grace's stuff has come clean and I haven't had to get my hands to messy. Yes I realize with each kid I'm getting lazier :)

  6. I don't know what it is about Andy, diapers, poop, and Church ... but he always has a blowout during Relief Society, never any other time! I guess R.S. just brings out the best in him.

    I agree with Crissy Bear, I always spray a little Shout on the stain and throw any soiled clothes immediately into the washer.