Monday, August 20, 2007

Parent tested, kid approved

We bought Rachel some blocks that were advertised as "soft and chewable." Shortly after we got home Andrew announced, "Okay, they work."

"What?" I asked.

"The blocks," he explained, "I bit them and they work."

Great, honey, that's great. Thanks for trying those out for her.

Andrew has a grand ol' time playing with Rachel. Sometimes I think he gets a little more rambunctious than most 4 week babies tend to play, but he's really quite gentle with her and she does enjoy his company.

Building a block tower with Rachel, literally
It's okay, baby
I think Andrew is having a hard time waiting for her to be more interactive. We went and visited my friend, Heather, who just had a little girl a week after me. She also has a two year old boy. While Heather and I compared notes on our babies, Andrew threw balls at Heather's son. They found each other equally entertaining.

Heather said, "It's fun for a while but after a few hours he'll get sick of it."

Apparently she's never seen the water bottle battle video.

"I don't think so," I replied, "He has the attention of a two-year-old."

And with that we left Heather to handle her newly hyped-up son.

"What do you mean, 'He has the attention of a two-year-old?'" asked Andrew as we walked home, "He is two."

"Yeah, but you're 22." I responded.

"Oh, you were talking about me?" He asked, honestly surprised.

He's a fun dad. He just may be a little embarrassing when the kids are older.

Trying out the blocks is one thing, but it goes a little deeper. Andrew may, in fact, be reverting back to childhood.

"I like these," he said to me, "They don't spill. You have to, like, suck it out."

Again, "What?"

Oh, yes. He thinks sippy cups are cool. You have to suck like five times to get anything out of them, but at least there will be no spilled juice.

Rachel is currently blissfully unaware that she'll find her parents embarrassing in the not-too-distant future. Right now she just thinks we're both silly (but daddy especially so) which often leaves her in giggles.


  1. Guys are so funny. I remember when I had Ezra his little friend, Spencer, was born just a week before. Jason and Doug were always trying to get Spencer and Ezra playing balls, blocks, and all kinds of other fun stuff. Andrea and I were like, "
    Sweeties, they are only two weeks old. They aren't quite ready for b-ball." I especially like the sippy picture...nice...especially since Ezra now prefers to drink his juice out of a regular cup :)

  2. I guess the risk of spills is half the fun!

  3. she is so cute I love her and haven't even seen her yet, how cruel is that NANNY????