Friday, August 03, 2007


Last night Andrew was working and he saw this kid in his ward who used to tease him. Apparently the mission changed this kid because he was congenial and said to Andrew,

"Hey, how's it going? I heard your wife's pregnant."

"Yeah, she was."

"Oh, I'm so sorry. I didn't know."

Andrew stared at the kid, blinking at him while trying to understand what he was saying. The kid was staring back looking sorry he had brought anything up.

Finally Andrew broke the silence, "She already had the baby."

"Oh, good! I thought..."

Well, that was an awkward moment, but no more awkward than my phone call this afternoon.

"Hello, sweetie," said the lady on the phone, "Is your mommy home?"

Long pause. The last time anyone mistook me for a child on the phone was when we lived in Jordan. My horrendous attempt to explain that I didn't speak Arabic was mistaken as babbling and the caller asked, "Mama, baba?" to which I replied curtly, "Ana mama." The caller said something that sounded apologetic and then hung up.

"Ummm...I'm the mom..." I couldn't think of who would be calling and asking if my mommy was home since usually I only get phone calls from my family or people in my ward--all of whom know that I have a rather high pitched voice and only have a two week old daughter who is not yet capable of answering the phone.

"You're the mom?" the caller verified, "Okay, well, I'm just calling to confirm Rachel's appointment for Monday."

Right, least now everyone is clear that we have a baby and I'm the mom.

Now we just have to wonder about the father. Andrew and I received an invitation for a wedding reception for another kid in Andrew's ward. He's my friend, too, since we all went to high school together, but he's known Andrew a lot longer. We had to wonder, then, when the envelope was addressed to "Kevin and Nancy Heiss." Who's Kevin?


  1. Nancy...
    I'm ashamed of you. Are you leading a second life we didn't know about? And who is Rachel's father anyway...(ha ha)

    Dad L.

  2. LOL, hey, better than our stake patriarch who, every time I meet him, asks me who I am and if I belong here. And who the last time, in not so many words, asked if I was pregnant. ("What are you studying for, motherhood?" after a critical look at me). I will be trying to avoid him from now on.

  3. That's great! Gotta love miscommunication.

    On a related note - who's getting married? I'm afraid I'm still out of the loop a lot.

    See you next week!

  4. Mike LaBaron got married on Friday. His wife's a cutie!