Friday, June 19, 2009

Sister Heiss?! Nooo!

Yesterday when Sam was giving me a hug goodbye (for the last time...sniff, sniff) he said,

"Goodbye, Sister Heiss!"

This was not unusual because that is what Sam calls me. It's what he's always called me. It's what his brother and sister call me and what every other child in primary calls me. It's been that way the whole time we've lived here.

Apparently this was the first time Rachel registered what he was saying. She looked up at me, shocked, and said,

"Sister Heiss?!"

She's been wondering about that ever since. She takes an incredulous tone, looks at me, and says, "Sister Heiss?! Nooo!"

I must admit that I am still getting used to hearing that refer to myself, myself.

Today at dinner Rachel was talking about the new baby (we talk about the baby a lot; Rachel has a lot of questions about the baby). She told us it was in my tummy and wondered if I was feeding the baby, too. She likes to make sure the baby gets enough to eat and drink and will sometimes put food or water on my stomach...for the baby.

She's taken to calling the baby "Baby Sis-sis," which will do until she can say Miriam (which might take a while; you should hear her try--it's quite hilarious).

"What is Baby Sis-sis's name?" we asked her because sometimes we just like to hear her try to say Miriam. Because it's hilarious.

She looked at us in silence, took a deep breath, and answered confidently, "Baby Heiss!"

Then she looked at me and laughed, "Sis-sis Heiss?! Noooo!"

Andrew tried explaining the whole "last name" concept to her. It went completely over her head, poor girl.


  1. What a smart grl you have! It amazes me that my baby girl will talk some day... This is so hilarious.

  2. Hey! Being Sister Heiss isn't so bad, once you get used to it (and it did take me quite a while).

  3. Haha that's so cute! Sorry I haven't been leaving notes, but I'm reading and I miss you guys. Hugs all around!