Thursday, June 11, 2009

Someone's a little jealous

Last night Andrew and Rachel were playing a chasing game before bed that involved a whole lot of running and screaming and growling and squealing and tickling and laughing.

My role was to lie on the couch and catch Rachel whenever she ran over to me for protection.

"Ahhh! Daddy's tomin'!" she'd scream at decibels and pitches I'd rather never recreate again while crashing into me and climbing up on my belly.

As soon as she'd grabbed a quick hug, she was off again, with Andrew on the hunt and I'd try to get back into my book. Ignoring the running and screaming was doable. What was not doable was ignoring the baby.

My belly was going berserk! I thought baby Miriam was going to claw her way out right then and there.

"Ow! Yikes! Stop it!" I pleaded with my independently-moving belly.

Andrew and Rachel stopped in their tracks. So did Miriam. I guess she wanted in on the fun and games, too. Seriously, though, she's tiny still. How in the world can she inflict so much pain? She's not even close to reaching my ribs yet (pity the day).

Luckily, Rachel already loves the new baby and comes up to greet her sporadically during the day. After she gives me hugs, she likes to "hug" the baby, too. And give kisses. And tickle it. And share her water bottle. And put her mouth right on my stomach to relay messages like, "Hewwo, baby sis-sis!"

I do wonder, though, how she'll handle things when Miriam is actually here taking all of Mommy's attention...

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